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Scientology Purification Program
The biggest success I have had was the Scientology Purification Program. I have no desire to do drugs or alcohol anymore.

Scientologist Continues to Improve her Abilities
Emily found that her ability to make and keep friends greatly improved.

Scientologist Peggy Ann Dougherty Can Now Express Herself
My ability to express myself has increased. When I’m upset about something I am able to see what it is that’s upsetting me and have learned how to handle it.

Thomas M. Dougherty Employing Ethics Technology
While taking the Introduction to Scientology Ethics Course, I have been able to apply the different formulas to improve my abilities as a foreman and as a father.

Stan Merritt, a Scientologist Has Better Communication
After 6 hours of Dianetics counseling I realized that what the book said was true and it gave me some hope. It helped me with my communication and my business.

Understanding Others with Scientology Communication Skills
The Scientology technology helped Shirley Hambrick understand herself and others.

James Frazier, a Scientologist Who Can Now Succeed
Before Scientology I was confused as to how I could proceed and succeed.

Scientologist Kicked His Black Moods
“I would fall into ‘black moods’ where I was totally separated from everyone and everything,” since applying Scientology technology to his life, he doesn’t do that anymore.

Scientologist Kaye Hamer’s Life Has Changed for the Better
Kaye explains how Scientology technology has changed her life in many positive ways.

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