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ל. רון האברד
Directory > Parishioners > North America > USA > Alabama

Dorothy McCurdy, a Scientologist
Dorothy talks about how the Scientology technology has helped her kick her depression and got her confidence up to get back to school.

Herb Slamen’s Spiritual Adventure
The Scientology technology has been a most unique and rewarding spiritual adventure for Herb Slamen. “I searched long for this. L. Ron Hubbard has found the road back.”

Leo VanWart Looks Forward to Life
Leo states about how his life is much better since becoming involved with Scientology technology. “I have written a book, patented an invention and I am a happy person looking forward now to life in the future.”

Scientology ‘Assists’ Work
Scientology “assists” help bring relief to a person experiencing physical problems. John Henderson found it worked and wanted to find out more about the Scientology religion. That was over 20 years ago.

Susan Wells Studies Scientology Technology
Susan describes how she had the fortunate opportunity to study Scientology technology and to receive Scientology spiritual counseling. She had many astounding life-changing experiences.

Helen Savage-Olsen, a Scientologist from Alabama
Meet Helen and read about her personal experiences with the Scientology religion in Alabama. Find out what the Scientology philosophy has done for her and what it can do for you.

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